Many people are involved in accidents at work each year. Injuries may be minor, but equally they can cause permanent disability or prove fatal.

The accident need not have happened at the usual place of work and the injured party need not necessarily be an employee of the negligent employer – the key issue is whether the injured party was working at the time the accident occurred.

If the accident at work was not your fault then you will be entitled to accident at work compensation both in respect of pain and suffering together with any other financial losses.

Workers are often reluctant to pursue a compensation claim as they are fearful of losing their job. In reality, if you cannot work, your job security is likely to be at risk anyway. If you are employed you could have a further claim for unfair dismissal if you are sacked because you make a claim.

Common causes of injury in the workplace are:

Construction site accidents

Many hazards are found on a construction or building site, such as falling material, working at height, electrocution, faulty or dangerous equipment, the movement of internal traffic, lifting/carrying loads, lack of personal protective equipment and slipping or tripping.

Dangerous machinery or equipment at work

Employers have a fourfold responsibility. They must:

  • Install equipment or machinery properly
  • Make sure it is serviced and repaired to protect those who use it or may be affected by it
  • Make sure those who use it are trained and safe
  • Provide the appropriate safety wear, like gloves and/or goggles

Falls from height

Many injuries in the workplace result from a fall from height. The most common causes are:

  • Falls from ladders or platforms which are either defective or unsuitable for the job being undertaken
  • Falls from vehicles
  • Falls from machinery e.g. during cleaning, servicing or repair
  • Falls from roofs e.g. when maintaining or repairing
  • Falls from scaffolding which has not been erected properly or lacks safety barriers

Failure to provide suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

An employer has a legal duty to ensure that where the risk cannot be controlled by other means, suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to their employees.

The type of equipment will depend on the work being undertaken and may include high-visibility jackets, safety boots, breathing apparatus, hard hats, gloves and safety glasses.

A worker may suffer injury because no Personal Protective Equipment is provided or the equipment provided is not suitable.

Manual handling

If you have to handle loads in the course of your work, your employer should make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risk to you from manual handling.

It is commonly believed that there is a maximum safe weight which your employer can ask you to lift; however, weight is only one factor the employer should take into account when considering the level of risk of injury created by the manual handling task. Other factors include the size and shape of the load, the distance it has to be moved, the layout of the area where the task is being undertaken, your particular physical ability at manual handling, and whether you have any existing/past injuries which might be exacerbated.

It is not enough for an employer to provide manual handling training and such training must also be relevant to the task.

Not only will we gather evidence so as to establish that the employer is in breach of their duty, we will also obtain the necessary documentation to prove your injuries and losses, with reference to medical expert reports, earnings information and receipts/invoices for any other expenses. This will enable us to pursue a settlement on your behalf which truly reflects your suffering and financial losses.

If you’re worried about having to pay legal fees, don’t be. Personal injury claims are normally dealt with under a No Win No Fee arrangement, therefore if your claim doesn’t succeed you won’t pay for the work we have carried out on your behalf.

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